The BeKind app version 6.0 has just been released with some new exciting and improved features. Now, you can see your friend’s latest kind acts in one page without the need to navigate to their profile. And follow an inspiring user and see his/her kindness activities even you are not friends.

New Feature:
• Added User Feed page. In the app’s menu, click ‘Acts Feed’ to stay up to date with the latest acts of kindness of friends and following.
• Added option to follow other users when viewing their Profile page.
• Added option to like the acts of friends and followers.

App Improvements:
• Added viewing to acts, friends, following and followers in Profile Page.
• Updated mood icons.

Update your app or download now to start enjoying these new features.

Incredible acts of bravery and kindness in very unlikely places gives humanity hope and inspiration. BeKind not only provide recommendations for daily acts of kindness but anecdotes of courage and compassion to motivate people to show kindness despite of any risk.

Here are some anecdotes for inspiration:

The Brave Teachers…

It’s time for an update once again! “BeKind — Daily Acts of Kindness” app has just released the latest version 3.0.

What’s new?

Timed ideas. This enhanced feature gives users an “Idea of the Day” that is timely and relevant to events or occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Father’s Day and World Kindness Day, etc.
Additional notifications. Users are notified whenever they receive a friend invite, a comment has been made on performed acts and on badge level up.

BeKind update — timed ideas and additional notifications

BeKind is proud to partner with Life Vest Inside and organizations from around the world to kick off World Kindness week with Dance for Kindness! The event includes special guest speakers, panelists, musical performances, kindness challenges, and more all focused on the Power of Kindness and how we can unleash its potential.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH! Register at and select “BeKind” as the organization when registering.

Dance for Kindness 2020

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“Kindness brings the people together.”

The kindness quote above was embodied by the following organizations whose main focus is to spread kindness through their programs and missions. It’s good to know that these groups of people are gathering together to promote good deeds and inspire people that create the ripple…


Ready to make a kinder world? Download the BeKind app at for daily acts of kindness ideas. Download free, no ads. Available in iOS & Android.

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