“BeKind” app Launches the “People” Feature

Now you can connect with kind and loving people.

BeKind app’s new ‘People’ feature has been released two months after its successful launch last August 14, 2020. BeKind users can now update their application on Apple App and Google Play Stores and start adding friends.

BeKind “People” feature

The “People” feature enables users to easily add friends by searching for any existing BeKind user or sending email invites to their contacts. It also allows users to see their friend’s kind acts and communicate with them via comments.

“I’m very happy to see how the BeKind app is unfolding as time goes by. With the ‘People’ feature, we are hoping to inspire every BeKind user to create more time for kindness.”, said Bienvenido David III, founder of BeKind.

BeKind users must remember that only “friends” are allowed to view and leave comments on each other's kindness acts. This makes the experience more personalized and secure. There is also an option to delete, block, or unblock friends and report inappropriate or abusive users.

BeKind is free for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Ready to make a kinder world? Download the BeKind app at www.bekind.app for daily acts of kindness ideas. Download free, no ads. Available in iOS & Android.

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