Bravery is Kindness in Action

Incredible acts of bravery and kindness in very unlikely places gives humanity hope and inspiration. BeKind not only provide recommendations for daily acts of kindness but anecdotes of courage and compassion to motivate people to show kindness despite of any risk.

Here are some anecdotes for inspiration:

The Brave Teachers of Peru

Noemi and Lili are teachers in Piura, Peru. As they were teaching mothers and children in a feeding program, torrential rains were pouring, and the riverbanks rose rapidly flooding the streets and huts of their village. The teachers hurriedly helped the mothers and the children up to the school roof where they spent 12 hours waiting for the waters to recede. During the long wait, the teachers comforted the scared women and children. Both never gave up hope that rescue would come sooner. When the rescuers arrived, Noemi and Lili were the last ones to come down from the rooftop. The community honored these women for having the presence of mind to move the mothers and children to a safe place.

People wait for rescue during a flood in Peru.

Child Rescue in Togo

Alkobessi was kidnapped to become an apprentice in a temple in Togo. The girl was locked up in a room for almost one year. When a missionary learned of this, Fernand Hloinvi gathered local people and sought government assistance to get back the girl. The temple had many followers that Fernand and the others feared that there would be resistance. Alkobessi was finally released after a long wait. Fernand met with the temple officials alone to negotiate regardless of the danger that he was walking into. Alkobessi is now back with her parents to heal on that traumatic experience.

Alkobessi with her family

Modern Day Heroes

A very common word heard nowadays is “frontliner”. A few years ago, no one noticed what the word means but in during pandemic times, the description has been given appreciation. The COVID-19 is like a war scenario but this time the soldiers are those men and women in the medical field who face an unknown enemy. The frontliners are duty-bound to keep going to the hospitals and clinics to serve people who have been afflicted by this virus. These people face the risk of catching the virus daily but there is no stopping for them to continue with their duty. They are the present-day heroes that should be shown humanity’s gratefulness.

Frontliners taking a break from duties.

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