COVID-19 Pandemic — These are the People to Thank

When most people are quarantined in their homes, these are the people who are risking their lives to help others and keep our society running. The worst of times brings out the best in people, and here are some perfect examples. Remember to say thanks next time you see them on the street.

voltamax via Pixabay

We will keep this list updated. Please post a comment about workers we missed and we will gladly update the post.

  • Healthcare workers — Those on the front-lines, working 12+ hour days taking care of our sick, risking their lives every working minute.
  • First responders — The paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and military personnel, who run towards the hot zones.
  • Nursing home workers — Those who take care of the elderly, the ones most vulnerable to the disease.
  • Mass transit workers — The drivers and airport workers who keep people moving even with the high risk due to close contact.
  • Food service workers — The grocery workers, cashiers, food preparers, and delivery workers who continue to provide us with nourishment.
  • Scientists and clinical researchers — Those who work tirelessly to get us a vaccine at an unprecedented rate.
  • Truck drivers — Those who deliver medical supplies, food and other necessities, even with the closure of rest stops.
  • Sanitation and custodial workers — Those who go to hospitals, businesses, homes, to keep our community safe and clean.
  • Childcare workers — Those who keep the kids safe and secure while their parents battle the pandemic.
  • Pharmacists — Those who make sure we get our medications and help our bodies fight the infection and the disease.
  • Prison and treatment workers — Those who continually look out for people even without the safety of social distancing.
  • Postal and delivery workers — Those who, rain or shine, deliver to us the things we buy while in the safety of our homes.
  • Journalists — Those who do the challenging work to keep us informed and connected to the world, how dire the situation may be.
  • Public works and utility workers — Those who keep our lights, water, heat, and internet on, making our self-quarantine manageable.
  • Food bank, shelter, charity workers — Those who continue to provide basic needs to the underprivileged.
  • Landlords — Those who show compassion with tenants in times when unemployment is the worst since the Great Depression.
  • School admins and teachers — Those who prioritize our children’s education and did what was necessary to transition to virtual classes.
  • City, state and country leaders — Those who work day & night to lead us in this time of crisis, putting the needs of their constituents first.
  • Funeral workers — Those who provide critical death care services to our loved ones. Workers who are at high risk but often overlooked.
  • Bank and insurance workers — Those who keep our financial institutions running, keeping us afloat during this time of economic upheaval.
  • Manufacturing workers — Those who manufacture safety and sanitary products, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals, now in great demand.
  • 211 workers — Those who give us the information and guidance needed in these times of panic and confusion.
  • Warehouse and fulfillment workers — Those who make sure we get the things we need, specially when many items are sold out.
  • Small business owners — Those who are doing their best to support their employees, even when customer traffic has vanished.
  • Universities — Those who helped their less privileged students handle the financial and logistical problems caused by school closings.
  • Companies — Those who retrofitted their manufacturing systems to help fill the shortage for face masks, ventilators, medicines, and alcohol.
  • You — Those who donated their time or money helping others in need. Those who buy only what they need. Those who perform acts of kindness.

Thank you to everyone who continue to work, putting others first before their own well-being. We can see the silver lining thanks to people like you.

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