How to Add Friends in BeKind app

Following the recent release of BeKind’s new feature called ‘People’, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can add and invite your friends in BeKind.


  1. Open the BeKind app and navigate to People.
BeKind app — ‘People’ navigation

2. Click on the plus (+) icon located at the bottom [1st photo]. Then, the option to ‘Add Friends, Share BeKind and Invite Contacts’ will show [2nd photo].

BeKind — add or invite friends, share

3. On the search field, type the full name or email address used in BeKind.

BeKind app — People search

4. If your friend/s has not downloaded the BeKind app yet, you can invite them via contacts. Type in the email address or select the email addresses from your Contacts.

BeKind app — Invite contacts

5. Share BeKind. Make new friends by sharing the app using your favorite social media platform.

BeKind app — Share

BeKind aims to foster a community of kind and loving people around the world. Let’s inspire each other to be more kind with one small kind act at a time.

Ready to make a kinder world? Download the BeKind app at for daily acts of kindness ideas. Download free, no ads. Available in iOS & Android.

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