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BeKind’ app launches on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

A free social app that helps build a habit of kindness with simple, daily acts of kindness ideas.

BeKind — Make the world a better place, one small kind act at a time.

BeKind, a free and fun social app that helps build a habit of kindness has been released on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app was created to help ordinary people make the world a better place with one small act at a time. It gives simple, daily acts of kindness ideas that anyone can do. It lets users track their good deeds, get coins by performing simple kind acts, and level up with badges.

BeKind App — Get Your ‘Idea of the Day’, Earn coins for every simple kind act, level up with badges.
BeKind — Track your good deeds, Personalize your account, Get motivated by news & stories

“Love of others is the answer to the world’s troubles. Unfortunately, love is often associated with romantic love, and love is hard to package into a mobile app. Instead of love, we focused on a simpler component of love which is kindness. The hope is that the habit of kindness will turn into love of others. There are many great kindness organizations and websites out there, but we haven’t found a good Acts of Kindness app. BeKind was born.”, said Bienvenido David III, founder of BeKind.

BeKind hopes to foster a community of kind and loving people. It encourages users to make time for kindness and challenges them more to become a better version of themselves.

BeKind app features:

• Kindness Tracking: Users can perform the suggested ideas, or do their own, which they can perform now or later. Every “Did It” idea can be personalized with pictures and stories. Users can also track their good deeds and earn points.
• Kindness Sharing: The ideas and acts of kindness, as well as inspiring news and stories, can be shared with friends and family using their favorite social media platform.
• Personalization: Users can upload their favorite photo, update their bio, and set their mood for the day in the app’s account section. Users can also pick their most convenient time to receive the ‘Idea of the Day’.
• Safety Features: The app does not contain any advertisements and is designed to block trolls and spammers with its built-in content blocking feature.
• Mobile Features: The app works on iOS and Android devices. Log in options include Facebook, Apple, Google, or email.
• Support: Easily send feedback, suggest ideas and contact support via app.

The BeKind app is free for iOS and Android mobile users, 13 years old and above. Future versions will include timed ideas that can be performed on specific occasions and social features with friends and family members.

Download the app on:

Google Play Store:

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