There are lots of kindness stories that I really like. While all acts of kindness are the best stories we can hear, I still have my favorites. And one of them is the story about a mother who would always ask for ‘salt’ from their neighbor.

The short story goes like this…

There’s a family living in a comfortable life in the city. The father is working overseas while the mother is a plain housewife and takes care of his 7-year-old boy, John. Every month, the mother would go to the grocery and buy all the necessary food except for salt.

John has a friend living with his single mom just across the street. His friend’s mother is working as a cashier in the local supermarket and just earning enough to make a living. Each time John’s mother cook, she commands him to ask for some salt from his friend’s mother. One day, out of curiosity, John finally asked his mom.

John: Mom, why do you always ask me to get salt from our neighbor while we can afford to buy lots of it?

Mother: Oh yes! We certainly can afford it, son. However, even though salt may cost nothing to us, it means so much to your friend’s household. Salt is a very important ingredient in cooking. And through asking, I want them to feel that they are needed and their kindness is helping us. In return, they will not be shy to come to us and ask for help, too.

Indeed, an act of kindness does not always need to be grand. We just need to give others a chance to help us, even in their own little way. So the next time, people would like to help you, don’t refuse them. Accept their offer wholeheartedly so they will feel needed.

How about you? What is your favorite kindness story?

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